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Hi all, first time on this sub. I am just beginning my personal finance journey and looking for investing advice: I am a UK citizen that has been in the U.S. for several years on a visa (Green Card soon) , currently half-way through my Ph.D and married to a U.S. citizen. We are close to paying off all our consumer debt, and so are looking to start investing soon.

My question is: Once I graduate, there is roughly a 75% chance we will stay in the USA, but also a chance we would leave the USA, depending on where our careers take us. Should I/we go ahead and open U.S. based investment accounts (i.e. 401k, IRA) even though we might leave the country in a few years, or should we wait to start investing until we know where we will be moving? Are there tax implications that we should be thinking about? Another possibility is for her to open U.S accounts and for me to separately open accounts in the UK, although I don’t earn money in the UK so unsure if there would be issues with that.

Sorry if this question is a little vague. Happy to provide more details. Any advice or experiences from dealing with this kind of scenario would be appreciated! Have a great day everyone!

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