At a loss of what to do after being scammed. : personalfinance

Hey. Located in USA. Specifically NJ.

Back in May I managed to get a pretty sought after graphics card by extreme luck. Already being in possession of a similar one, I decided to sell it. I went to r/hardwareswap and posted it up there, as I know they have a decent amount of barriers to protect sellers like myself. I had a few people comment on the post, as well as DM me about the card. I discussed with a reddit user about the sale of the card, and agreed to a price of $1480 shipped. I sent the card I believe the next day after receiving payment through PayPal Goods and Services, sent through USPS with signature required, as well as insurance. He received the package a day or two later, as we live nearby. About a week or two later, I received a chat message on here from another reddit user asking me about the user I sold my graphics card to, saying they think they might be getting scammed by them. I hadn’t noticed anything suspicious, so I figured maybe it just was an isolated incident, as I had checked the Universal Scammer List prior to engaging to communication with the buyer and saw that he was listed as good.

This past Friday I’m in the middle of doing some work on my car and while taking a quick breather check my phone and see I have an e-mail from PayPal telling me that they have sided with the buyer and deducted $1480 from my account, as well as a $15 dispute fee. I was completely blindsided by this as I didn’t even remember seeing a case open e-mail. I searched PayPal and on June 8th I had received an email stated that a chargeback was opened against me for an “unauthorized purchase” through the buyers bank. I use paypal for everything and get an estimated 10-20 e-mails a day from PayPal, telling me my card was used whenever I use it, so I must have just assumed the original message was a payment e-mail like usual.

I chatted into PayPal customer service through their online portal and was basically told nothing could be done. I just spoke with 3 different reps at paypal and was met with the same news, that nothing could be done because I hadn’t provided them information about it during the 10 days of the case being open, and that if I don’t put the money in my account within 90 days, I will be taken to collections for it.

I was able to confirm with other users that are on here that have dealt with this individual that the same thing happened to them, and when comparing details about this user discovered that all of us were given different names, as well as different email addresses used for each transaction, but the addresses were the same. I have contacted the police about this, but I’m just curious if anyone where can shed some advice on anything that I should be doing further to protect myself in this situation.

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