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Relatively new to investing, having only started a year a go and not invested much since Feb of this year, only adding BB to my Portfolio yesterday.

My plan is to invest €75-100 p/w.

I am looking for advice when it comes to Irish tax and Investing, is the Portfolio below suitable? I have been steering clear of ETFs having started out with purchasing them, the deemed disposable and higher exit tax has been putting me off. I have looked at possible investing in (BRK.B) Berkshire Hathaway as a make shift ETF as it’s classed as a stock, or since I use Trading 212 to trade making use of their pies and creating my own ‘personal ETF’ and DCAing into that each week.

  1. My main questions are is this an effective investing strategy in Ireland.
    (Buying 10-15 stocks each week DCA, and possibly cherry picking some if they look good which I did with GEVO and VUZI.)

  2. Am I diversified enough, is there any area’s that I have failed to invest?

  3. Should I steer clear of ETFs entirely and focus on single stocks.

  4. Are there any similar stocks to BRK.B that are effectively and ETF but are considered as a stock.

*All money invested is money that I am willing to lose, I have no debt and have a separate savings account outside of the market with 8 months expenses.*

Any general advice would be appreciated, and thank you in advance!


AMC: 10%
VUZI: 10%
GEVO: 7%
NIO: 7%
BB: 7%
FUV: 5%
CCL: 5%
MARA: 4%
PLTR: 4%

ETFs: 15%

(BABA, ABML, IVR, RDSA. KNDI, SOLO, GE): 0.5% – 3.5%)

BTC: 7%

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