Banking on WhatsApp by ICICI Bank – Compare & Apply Loans & Credit Cards in India

After the launch of “ICICI Stack” that continues to facilities several retail customers, merchants, retailers, professionals, startups, e-commerce and companies across the country to continue their banking activities amid coronavirus pandemic, ICICI Bank has now initiated banking services on WhatsApp.

This enables ICICI Customers to carry out a number of banking activities from their homes 24*7. Account-holders can check the balance of their savings account, block or unblock their debit or credit card, check their credit card limits and get the details of the last three transactions. Further, the ICICI Bank customers can get the details of the nearby three ICICI Bank ATMs and branches in their locality.

It has always been our endeavour to offer improved convenience to our customers. Recently, we had rolled out ‘ICICIStack’. Now, we have introduced this service on WhatsApp, one of the most popular instant messaging applications in the world. Our retail customers can execute a host of their banking requirements on their own, without visiting a branch. The services are instantaneous and secure. With the growing prominence of social media in every-day life, we believe that this would add immense convenience to our customers, as it allows them to the bank while they are on social media,” Anup Bagchi, Executive Director, ICICI Bank said.

Services that can be Availed through ICICI WhatsApp Banking

If you are an ICICI Bank customer, you can avail the following services:

Account Balance Transaction History Credit Card Limit
Credit Card Outstanding Balance Block/Unblock Debit/Credit Cards Instant Personal Loan & Home Loan
Shopping Offers Dining Offers Nearest ATMs
Deliverables ICICI Bank Branch Tracking Deliverables

How to Start ICICI Banking Service on WhatsApp?

Step1. ICICI Bank savings account customers are eligible for this service and they need to save the ICICI Bank verified WhatsApp number “9324953001” in their contact list

Step2. Now send “Hi” to this number from the mobile number that is registered with the ICICI Bank

Step3. The bank will forward the list of services available to that customer

Step4. Enter the keyword of the service required from the list of services

Step5. The service will be carried out immediately

List of Major Banking Services Accessible on WhatsApp

Account Balance Enquiry

Write <balance>, <bal> or <ac bal> on WhatsApp from the registered mobile number.

ICICI Whatsapp Balance

Last 3 Transaction Details for Linked Account

In order to see the last three transactions carried out through the account either through netbanking, IMPS, NEFT, RTGS or UPI, write <transaction>, <stmt>, <history> from the registered mobile number.

ICICI Whatsapp History

How to Block or Unblock Credit Card or Debit Card

ICICI Card block & unblock

Write <block>, <lost my card> or <unblock> from the registered mobile number on WhatsApp

Getting Pre-approved Instant Loan Details

From the registered mobile number, send the message <loan>, <home loan>, <personal loan>, <instant loans>

ICICI Whatsapp loans

Finding an ICICI Bank ATM Nearby

Simply type <ATM>, <branch> and get the details of the three nearest ATMs to the location provided.

Locate nearby ICICI ATM


All data shared by the customer on the ICICI Bank WhatsApp portal is secured with end to end encryption and no leakage of sensitive data is possible. However, the facility to carry out transactions is not available as of now.


Enabling banking services on WhatsApp has empowered ICICI Bank customers to execute the banking operations effortlessly 24*7 even during the lockdown. This facility is available free of cost and the customers are not needed to provide any sensitive information to avail this facility. Launching of “ICICI Stack” and then enabling banking services on WhatsApp facilities several ICICI Bank customers across the nation to continue their banking activities uninterrupted.




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