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So, me and my partner are finally starting to take investing seriously. We’re still mostly saving and thankfully we are able to currently save a nice chunk of our income. We have agreed that 500€ a month is an amount that currently, and for the foreseeable future, we’re able to invest with without compromising anything in our lifestyles, which are pretty simple, and while still saving in regular old savings accounts a decent percentage of our salaries for any eventuality and to have available at any time.

Seeing that we’re in Europe, what would be the best way to invest those 500€ wisely?

I’ve been looking at DeGiro ETFs and reading a lot about them, but still am not sure if that is the best place for it, and if it is, how should we divide that monthly amount into several products (or is it not needed?) to optimize that money.

We’re in our early 30’s if that matters.

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