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Biscuit Labs Extends Popular Game “Knight Story” to Tron Blockchain



Having launched on Ethereum, Biscuit Labs is launching its popular game, Knight Story on the Tron network today 30 March according to reports. The blockchain-based game is launching on Tron with updated features that give players a wider range of options and the ability to customize the game to suit their taste.

The new version also fosters cooperation between players as it encourages them to work together to build the village setting of the game. It is also significantly simpler to sign up for, thus making it possible for even those who are not technologically savvy to join the platform and enjoy the game.

CEO of Biscuit, Jay Lee speaking on the game said his company leveraged the compatibility between blockchain and other existing systems to give rise to the Knight Story game.

“The keyword of the Knight Story project is, in a word, compatibility. We focused on maximizing the compatibility between blockchain and the pre-existing system, as well as inter-blockchain compatibility,” he said.

The game, formerly known as EOS Knights has over 66 million transactions since its initial launch. The Biscuit Labs team is looking forward to making the game better by harnessing blockchain to make it appeal to a wider range of users and launching on Tron is one of the steps towards achieving that goal.

“The Biscuit team is excited to partner with the TRON network, and we hope that all users enjoy a fast and seamless user experience. The Biscuit team will continue to contribute to the mass adoption of blockchain technology,” Lee added.

As a result of the partnership between Tron and Biscuit, Tron will provide funding to encourage the adoption of blockchain games in general.

Being a Dapp ecosystem itself, Tron is working towards decentralizing every aspect of human existence with Web 3.0. The company, led by its CEO Justin Sun has recorded some major achievements this year including its partnership with payment company Metal Pay to make buying and selling of its native token TRX much easier for its U.S users.

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