Buy and exchange crypto with Invity using Trezor Suite (update 20.12.1) | by SatoshiLabs | Dec, 2020

Things are easier when you know where to go. That’s precisely why Trezor Suite is striving to be the first and last place for cryptocurrency, and making it easier to work with. Today, a new Trezor Suite update is available and now, as well as keeping your coins safe, you can buy and exchange cryptocurrency directly from your Trezor hardware wallet, thanks to Invity, a new service from SatoshiLabs.

Take the guesswork out of buying and selling cryptocurrencies and consistently find the best offers for your region and payment methods, directly from the safety of the Trezor Suite wallet interface. Find the best rates when buying cryptocurrencies and swapping them for other coins and tokens, by comparing all-fees-included offers from multiple trusted exchanges.

Download or update Trezor Suite public beta to try it out!

To celebrate this launch, Invity’s and its exchange partners will be offering reduced or zero fees until Monday 14 December for any float rate exchange made through Trezor Suite. Partners participating in this offer are: ChangeHero, Changelly, ChangeNOW, CoinSwitch, and FoxExchange.

This release also brings a number of other features, including dark mode, a time range selector for graphs, and the ability to export transaction history in different formats. We’ll cover these in more detail toward the end of this blog post. As the public beta continues, we look forward to introducing even more functionality, get involved by using Suite and sending us your feedback.

Invity is a company founded by SatoshiLabs, creators of the Trezor hardware wallet. It was established to help Trezor users buy Bitcoin at a fair price from reputable, verified third parties without needing to hold their funds on an exchange. Invity helps Trezor become a unified crypto service. Buy, exchange, save and spend cryptocurrency, all in one place.

Fair prices: Buying bitcoin from an exchange can be difficult as each has their own market price, fees, and accepted payment methods. Invity makes it easy to buy crypto, as users can compare different exchanges’ rates and choose from available payment methods, all at once.

Trusted providers: Eliminating the need for trust in payments is one of the big attractions of Bitcoin. When converting your local currency into bitcoin, however, trust is important. That’s why Invity verifies every partner exchange to ensure they have a reputation for high standards of customer service, a proven track record in the industry, and that they conform to all necessary legal requirements.

Secure processes: Exchanges are often the target of theft as they hold custody of funds until the user withdraws. By having the exchange send the coins directly to your Trezor wallet, your funds are not vulnerable to such attacks and are fully in your custody. Thanks to Invity, you can enjoy security at every step when using your crypto.

Invity is key to building a full, all-in-one crypto ecosystem for Trezor users and complete beginners alike. Invity makes onboarding new users easy, and upholds the commitment to security that Trezor is known for. People investing in crypto for the first time can take advantage of the same comparison tool through the standalone website, even if they don’t own a Trezor yet. That makes it perfect to share with parents, coworkers, and crypto-skeptics, taking the uncertainty out of cryptocurrencies, thanks to its straightforward interface and educational materials.

Thanks to a close partnership with eleven exchanges across the globe, and more to come, Invity matches your cryptocurrency buy or exchange request with available offers, sorted by preferred payment method, so you always know exactly what’s available and how to get the best price.

Start buying and exchanging crypto

Just plug in your hardware wallet, launch Trezor Suite and navigate to the Trade tab in your accounts section. There, you have the option to Buy or Exchange your crypto. You will also see the option to Spend crypto — this is a feature Invity is still working on but it will be coming soon. Navigate to the service you want and select your region, if you have not already done so.

To buy crypto, go to the Buy tab, enter how much crypto you want to buy or fiat to spend, and you’ll generate up-to-date offers from our partners. Choose from the list of offers based on the price, provider, or payment type, then complete your payment directly through the chosen supplier’s gateway. When done, you will receive the funds directly to your Trezor wallet, so your coins are in secure custody and under your control straight away.

To exchange currency, simply choose the asset you have and the asset that you want to swap for, and enter the amount you want to spend. Invity will fetch a curated list of trusted exchanges that can fulfill the order, so you can compare the prices of cryptocurrencies and choose the exchange that works best for you.

Does Invity charge a fee for buying or exchanging crypto?

To operate sustainably, Invity splits a portion of the transaction fees that each exchange charges. The good news is that all of these costs are already included in the price you are shown, so you never have to worry about hidden fees or miscalculations.

Invity is also working on new partnerships throughout the world, onboarding verified partners with more regional support, currencies, and payment options. In other words: Invity will only keep getting better.

As we continue developing in closed and public beta, loads of new features are taking shape, as outlined in our coverage of the Trezor Suite AMA.

Dark mode

One of the most requested features from the community was, unsurprisingly, a dark mode color scheme for the user interface. Dark mode can now be used to enjoy Trezor Suite more comfortably, night or day. Just update to the latest version and turn on dark mode through the settings menu.

Export transactions

After some regular use, it is easy to lose track of transactions. Now, Trezor Suite supports batch export of transactions, which can be used in combination with the labelling feature to create organized, useful exports of transaction histories. Supporting export in CSV, PDF, and JSON this is especially useful for anyone who uses Trezor Suite for business accounting using bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Keep a high time preference

A little perspective goes a long way. With the new time range selector, gain more insight from your portfolio history. Try it now in the main graph on your Trezor Suite dashboard. Whether you’re trending up or down, compare your activity over the short and long term to help track your savings and set strong goals.

Want to know more? See the full changelog for this release.

If you’re enjoying Trezor Suite public beta so far, please consider leaving some feedback so we can help improve it ahead of the production release. Use this form to comment on the features of Suite which you have tried so far, and let us know your experience. You can look forward to many new features in coming updates, so remember to keep an eye on our blog to see what you can expect.

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