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Hello, I moved to Germany from the UK this year and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the score is with any capital gains tax due in Germany from the investments I hold in the UK and how I would pay it.

I currently have a UK stocks and shares ISA and lifetime ISA, both of which were funded in the UK 2020/2021 tax year before I moved to Germany. In both accounts I have invested in Vanguard accumulating funds which are now worth a few thousand £ (I’d rather not post exactly how much).

I had assumed that as long as I didn’t sell or buy anything from the accounts whilst I’m tax resident in Germany then there would be no tax due since I hadn’t crystallised any gains. However I’ve read online that accumulating funds are taxed slightly differently in Germany and the whole thing has left me confused. Is there a double taxation treaty that means I don’t have to pay anything to the Finanzamt since these are UK investments?

I should note that the uncrystallised gains, plus interest I’ve earned from cash savings (all in UK accounts) would put me over the annual German CGT allowance.

If this post would be more appropriate in r/Finanzen just let me know, my financial German vocab is however not the best!

Thanks for your help!

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