Dacxi Review – Is Dacxi Scam or Legit? Check Out all What This Platform Has to Offer


Dacxi logoCryptocurrency is successfully pioneering the future of the financial sector and it has seen a massive surge in recent years—the results speak for itself. Today, many former doubters are hastening to secure a fair lot in one of the world’s most promising Trillion-Dollar Markets.

Within the early days of January 2021 alone, the cryptocurrency market hit an all-time high with its leading asset, Bitcoin, hitting a staggering $40,000 and raking in over four hundred percent in profits. Other leading cryptocurrencies were not left out as they also attained their respective all-time highs concurrently. This is not the first time that this asset-class has stirred the market in this manner. Clearly, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency will continue to be around for a long time—and so will the countless opportunities they provide.

Because of its outstanding track-record, the crypto market has become the demanded investment option for many prospects seeking to leverage the vast opportunities within the digital financial space. As such, the demand for a solid, reputable, and efficient exchange platform has heightened drastically since the crypto market is mostly reliant on exchange platforms.

As an aspiring investor, it is critical to secure a competent and proven exchange platform for your dealings. This comes with several crucial benefits ranging from basic trading tools to relevant information, security, standby assistance whenever you need any, and more. Overall, the ideal exchange platform should provide you with Timely Information and all-round Support as you are only as good as what information you have at hand.

The importance of bracing one’s self with valid and timely information, as an investor within the crypto space, cannot be over emphasized. With the right information in your hands, you can effortlessly maneuver the market’s volatility. Since your exchange platform is your closest link to the information and support you need, it is vital to choose wisely.

Deciding on what exchange platform to work with is not always as simple and clear-cut as it looks. You will need to read several reviews, make your own research, seek counsel and who knows what. There are many impersonating exchange platforms out there, but there are also a few notable companies you can trust. One problem faced by the few however, is the influx of new investors joining the market on a daily basis. This makes it difficult for these companies to provide their numerous customers with the support they need, amongst other challenges.

Meanwhile, there are tons of exchange providers that propose mouth-watering offerings to attract investors, but fail to deliver on their promises once you’ve joined. That is why it is essential to research as thoroughly as you can before settling on which exchange provider to trade with.

In all fairness however, taking on this research on your own can be draining. As such, we have decided to lessen that burden by carrying out the reviews ourselves. This way, you can channel more energy towards equipping yourself with all the knowledge you need about the intricacies of the market and the world of crypto. Today, we will put special focus on Dacxi, currently one of the leading exchange platforms in the crypto eco-system.

This review on Dacxi will be simple and straight to the point—no sentiments, just pure facts. The aim is to provide you with all the information you need to make an excellent and informed decision.

Exchange platform Dacxi
Website https://dacxi.com/
Location HQ – Singapore Global Team – UK, Europe, Australia, Estonia, New Zealand, Brazil.
Trading pairs EUR/crypto, BTC/altcoin, crypto/EUR and altcoin/BTC
Variety crypto 58
Account needed Yes
Verification Mandatory
Verification levels 3
Trading platform Web-Based
Payment Method Bancontact, EPS, Giropay, MyBank, iDEAL, SEPA transfer, and Credit Card
Customer Support Live chat, e-mail, Telephone, and FAQ
Digital Assets Community Exchange International (Dacxi)

Digital Assets Community Exchange International (Dacxi) is a community-focused exchange platform inspired to bring financial success to all its members. Thanks to the vast opportunities provided by digital assets technologies, the company seeks to use Dacxi as a means to break down financial barriers and unlock financial prosperity for all.

As a crypto exchange platform, Dacxi’s ultimate goal is to guide its users through their crypto journey by eliminating complications and providing all-round support and the tools to effortlessly and effectively navigate the crypto space.

Dacxi was established in 2017 by Ed Ludbrook, a passionate entrepreneur, and his team of veterans in both the world of crypto and the financial sector. From the onset, they had a clear vision; to bridge the gap between everyday people and the vast opportunities available within the crypto market; Thereby democratising wealth and prospering the masses. Dacxi aims to provide its users with a smarter, fairer, and more user-friendly means to build wealth.

Following a successful run in 2017, starting from the headquarters at Singapore, Dacxi expanded its operations to cover other parts of the globe by strategically instituting branches in UK, Europe, Australia, Estonia, New Zealand, and Brazil. The company grew from offering broker services to a successful full-time exchange platform.

Dacxi’s exchange platform features a range of essential and innovative tools. The platform provides a functional and very user-friendly interface that makes it very easy to navigate and get things done quickly and effortlessly. The company has also upgraded its platform and service solutions to meet with the legislations governing its respective branches. This way, Dacxi can better validate, secure, and track the transactions that happen within its space while curbing such vices as money laundering and terrorism.

Why Dacxi?

The first striking thing about Dacxi is that it completely takes away all of the complexities and confusion out of crypto. Dacxi users can focus on growing by leveraging the valid and timely information about new assets, trends, and more that Dacxi provides. They can focus on expanding their portfolio and building wealth in a stable, secure, and user-friendly environment.

Dacxi makes it easy to buy and own crypto assets. You can even make your first purchase with as little as $100 and continue to grow at your own pace. Also, you get to manage your assets from wherever you are and at your own convenience. Dacxi’s exclusive user-friendly dashboard also allows you to make hassle free deposits and withdraw easily. You can also track your growth using its real-time tracking tools.

A+ Security

Security and user safety is a top priority at Dacxi. The company has an A+ security rating and takes extra measures to ensure that user assets are safe and secure, including securely storing user assets offline. To add to that, Dacxi only offers blue chip crypto bundles that are trusted and recommended by top financial institutions around the world.

24/7 Support

Dacxi ensures that every customer’s needs are adequately attended to and on time. To achieve this, the company provides 24 hours support, seven days a week to all its esteemed customers. You are also given your own Dacxi Partner to guide and help you scale the crypto world at no additional charge.

Easy Learning

Knowledge is power and Dacxi aims to groom unstoppable investors who are well knowledgeable in the crypto-ecosystem. To achieve this, the company provides valid and timely information to all its esteemed users. To add to that, Dacxi also provides additional resources like videos and webinars, guides, e-books, courses, research materials, insights, and everything you need to know in order to build and attain crypto wealth.

Dacxi Events

Dacxi hosts regular events, workshops, and webinars where a team of experts share valuable insights to the community. These programs also offer members of the community the opportunity to share insights, personal experiences, success stories and more; allowing them to learn from each other seamlessly. You can easily join the discussion from anywhere in the world and benefit from Dacxi’s friendly community of crypto enthusiasts.

Security Protocol

Cyber attacks and other cyber crimes are a popular threat within the crypto space. As a result, security is critical. Although they are very minimal, investors must be aware of the security risks associated with the crypto eco-system since these threats cannot be eliminated completely.

The fight to curb cyber menace has intensified significantly. However, hackers and other cybercrime perpetrators still find it easy to cause mayhem to unsuspecting victims. This is because of the influx of mediocre exchange platforms has increased significantly also. Such platforms invest too little into their security systems thereby exposing unsuspecting users to too many risks. To avoid this, one must make security a primary criterion when making decisions on what exchange platform to work with.

Dacxi incorporates advanced security protocols to ensure the safety of their users’ assets and to ensure secure transactions. Among other measures, Dacxi stores user information in cold wallets. This technology allows user assets to be stored in secure offline locations where they are safe from cyber-attacks. In order to gain access, a series of manual procedures must be completed before anyone can be granted entry.

Other additional security measures include:

Integration of SSL technology.
Device and IP management.
Approval through an e-mail notification for withdrawal.
Whitelist management.
Support page devoted to security.
Anti-phishing code in the e-mail communication.

Getting Started

Setting up your own account on the Dacxi exchange platform is quite simple and straightforward. Dacxi offers a lineup of top crypto assets as well as its own exclusive DAC coin. Its diversified portfolio features the top three, most reputable crypto assets including Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. Upon a closer look, one can notice that each of these assets are leaders in their respective categories. This peculiar selection is so designed to maximise returns, especially for new crypto enthusiasts, while minimising risk at the same time. This also doubles as the simplest clear-cut way to leverage from the top three crypto assets at once!

Account Setup

To get started, simply go to exchange.dacxi.com/register. You will be presented with a form to open your account. On the form you will find the following fields:

Email: Use a consistent email address.
Password: 12 characters max (must include at least 1 symbol and 1 CAPITAL letter).
Who Introduced You: Enter your referrer’s email address.
Register: Click on the Blue Register button.
Verification: You’ll be sent a verification email. Open it and click on the Blue Activate Button to activate your account.

Account Verification

The KYC/AML laws associated with the jurisdictions where Dacxi operates requires Dacxi to legally identify users of the platform. Besides compliance, identity verification also helps to protect Dacxi users from fraud, theft, or any form of abuse on the platform.

Step 1: Verify Phone:

Click on the Verify button.
Select your country.
Enter your active mobile number. (You will receive a verification code).
Enter verification code into the designated box.
Click the verify button… Verification Complete!

To report any errors, take a screen-shot, add any relevant details and email it to hello@dacxi.com

Step 2: Verify Profile:

Click on the Profile tab (beside the ‘Phone Tab’). Enter relevant details. Ensure that every information is up to date. Incorrect details may cause delayed approval.
Input your first and last name (as it appears on the ID you submitted).
Input your current house address; house number, street, suburb.
Input city.
Input Province/State.
Input country.
Input Postal Code.
Input date of birth.
SOS: Verification can take up to 5 days.

Step 3: Verify Identity:

You will be required to log back into your account and provide a copy of your National ID, Passport, or Driver’s Licence (follow the on-screen prompts). Ensure to upload only good quality pictures in either .jpg or .pdf format. Picture resolution should be 300dpi at least.
Click ‘Save and Verify’ button when you’re done.
SOS: Verification might take up to 24 hours. If you receive a ‘In Review’

Step 4: Verify your Address:

You will be required to log back in again to provide proof of your address. To do this, you will upload your bank account statement, utility bill, or taxation receipt. The upload must be a good quality in either .jpg or .pdf format. Picture resolution should be 300dpi at least.
Click ‘Save and Verify’ button when you’re done.
SOS: Verification might take up to 24 hours. If you receive a ‘In Review’

The Dacxi DAC Pack

Getting your preferred Dacxi bundle is easy. Simply visit dacxi.com/programmes or dacxi.com/bundles or dacxi.com. You will be presented with two options; ‘Blue Chip Bundle’ or ‘DAC Pack’. Simply select your preferred bundle and then make your purchase (The DAC Pack is more ideal for beginners). Once you’ve made your purchase, you’re in control.

Afterward, you will be directed to the DAC Landing Page. Here, you will complete the following steps:
Select your location.
Enter the amount you want to buy (The minimum amount is $100 AUD, GBP, EUR, or USD).
Click the ‘Buy Now’ button.
Afterward, you will be presented with an order form to complete your purchase:
Select what type of account you are making the purchase for (Individual, Corporate, or Superfund). At the moment, Super fund and Corporate accounts are only available to Australian residents, else you won’t receive any affiliate links.
Input your full name, email, and phone number. (Ensure consistency; use the same details as you used when filling other forms).

If you were referred by a friend, input details inside the ‘I have a referral code’ box. If not, simply ‘Skip’ this step.

Ensure to read the terms and conditions and tick the related box before proceeding.

Once you have successfully concluded these steps, you will be directed to the banking details page.

Bank details will be provided for UK, AU, and EU customers. If you reside outside these regions, kindly contact hello@dacxi.com for appropriate bank details.

You will then be sent two emails:

The ‘Welcome to the World of Dacxi’ email containing:

A link to register on Dacxi Exchange (if you have not yet registered). This will help Dacxi allocate your cryptocurrency.

Dacxi bank account details.

The ‘Personalised Affiliate Link’ containing:

Your referral links (for both Dacxi Bundle and DAC Pack). You can also share your referral link to help friends buy crypto.

Information on how to buy products using different accounts.


For each referral, you get 10% off their initial purchase (This amount is doubled in prelaunch to 20%). To refer, simply forward the second email to people you wish to refer. You can personalise the email as you wish.

DAC Pack Bonus Structure

Dacxi offers its customers a range of bonuses. Here’s how it works:

Customer Bonus:

Dacxi sets an initial price per DAC coin (Promotion Base Price). The company then adds bonus coins based on the amount of coins purchased during the Hold Period. DAC coin prices are not static so ensure to confirm current prices.

The Customer Bonus is 20% of the total order value paid in DAC coin.

Customer Hold Bonus:

You will receive 50% bonus if you Hold DAC for more than 180 days from day of purchase. You will be credited with 50% more of your original purchase paid in DAC coin. To qualify, minimum purchase must be $1,000 AUD, GBP, EUR, or USD.

Becoming a Dacxi Affiliate

Dacxi has provided its customers with an exclusive affiliate programme. When you participate, you get a series of rewards for referring others and for every purchase they make. It’s simple; all you need to do to become an affiliate is refer someone to buy one of Dacxi’s products.

Another lucrative option is to join Dacxi’s Affiliate Team where you can leverage more interesting affiliate opportunities and make more income. You can work flexibly and spread your work time on hours you wish to work and get massive earnings. For more information on how to become a premium Dacxi affiliate, visit bit.ly/2YvIM4J. For other questions or to speak with a representative, visit hello@dacxi.com.

How to Trade on Dacxi

Dacxi’s platform provides customers with seamless tools for trading. Dacxi’s trading platform is user-friendly and uncomplicated. To learn more and get acquainted with all you need to know, and to set up your trading account on Dacxi Exchange, visit support.dacxi.com/hc/en-us.

Other Considerations:

Users are advised to refrain from creating Dacxi Exchange accounts or purchasing Dacxi Packs or Dacxi Bundles on behalf of anyone else. This is because the user will need to complete their KYC personally. For more info on this, visit bit.ly/2ZIEm6Y.

Purchases must be made from the purchaser’s bank account. This is crucial because it will help for accurate and timely processing of transactions. The bank account details must match the details of the Dacxi Exchange account holder. Transactions from a different bank account will not be received. These measures are instituted for compliance with regulations.

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