Dash Launched Public Alpha For DashPay Social Payments Wallet

Dash launched public alpha for its social payments wallet DashPay in order to deliver a seamless user experience with a human-readable username, profile pictures, and contact lists. This experience will address the biggest barriers to the mass adoption of crypto assets which a few other consumer surveys show the ease-of-use issues as we can read in our Dash news.

As Dash launched public alpha for its DashPay wallet, the users will have a friction-free and social crypto transaction experience as of 2021. According to the 2016 survey conducted by Brave UX and Clutch, over 90% of the respondents see the ease of use as an important determining factor in deciding to continue to use a website or a service. The online polls conducted by Dash show that 66.9% of the respondents see general usability as the biggest barrier to adoption.


Another survey conducted by the Foundation of Interwallet Operability back in 2018 found that crypto users didn’t have full confidence in the success of their transactions and 25% of the respondents had full confidence in transactions right after sending. 17% of the respondents were stressed after sending. The same study found that about 30% of the users sent crypto to others and made purchases as well while 27% didn’t send crypto at all for a year.

Dash wants to address these barriers to adoption by providing a seamless social experience like contact lists, profile pictures, usernames and to deliver a decent experience for users in the entire ecosystem. Mark Mason who is the Public Relations Manager for Dash said:

“Essentially, if you want cryptocurrency adoption to go mainstream. We need to say bye to long scary cryptographic addresses, and say hello to usernames, profile pics and contact lists. Providing a pleasant user experience is the key requirement to achieve mass adoption. Dash is ready to go mainstream by making blockchain payments easy with decentralized usernames. Blockchain is evolving. Welcome to the world of social payments. Social payments are the future!”

Dash is calling for new users to test out the DashPay wallet which is open in alpha, is a new wallet that enables social payments between users as previously mentioned, in a fully-decentralized way without having to rely on centralized third parties for any part of the experience of harming the privacy of the users. DashPay will see a public release in early 2021 on the Dash mainnet.

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