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So I was planning on depositing a large amount of GBP into IBKR (6 figures) and exchanging it into USD, and then buying some ETFs. I had done this in the past with smaller sums (low 5 figures).

Turns out, after the migration to IBKR CEE, I can no longer deposit GBP into my IBKR account. 🙁

Is there any way I can work around this? I’m thinking:

  1. Maybe I can move to another IBKR region that allows GBP deposits?

  2. Get Revolut Premium, exchange GBP -> USD on Revolut then send USD to IBKR. Is the exchange rate just as good on Revolut as on IBKR? Would this be commission free for ~100k GBP? Also, there’s the risk of Revolut blocking my account. Is there a way to tell Revolut I want to transfer this amount in advance and send all the proper documentation, to make sure I won’t have my account blocked?

  3. Maybe there’s some better way I’m not thinking of?

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