Do stipends count towards Medicaid? (possible overpayment

Earlier this year my future job gave me a $16,000 stipend a few months before I was supposed to start working. Due to Corona, they pushed back my start date to 2021. I then filed for Medicaid. I reported my monthly income as $0, which it was, and my yearly income as $0 because I had not worked. In September, my job sent another stipend of $4k to help us through the fall and winter (so if stipends count as income, there will have been 1 month when I did not qualify based on monthly income). I also received unemployment benefits from June-December, which I did update them on because I was made aware that they count as income (with the stipends plus the overall unemployment, I’ve gotten $30,000 this year total). It only came into my head right now (I know, I’m an idiot) that those one-time stipends may have counted as income and made me ineligible for Medicaid. Would they count the $16k for Medicaid since I was given that before I filed? As for the $4k, would they just make me pay back the benefits I used for that month? Will I go to jail? Can someone help me with what to do? I plan to call the office on Monday to tell them what is going on but I’m going to be an anxious mess until then.

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