Eu citizen residing and working in Germany. Which broker should I use? : eupersonalfinance

Hey fellas,

Quite new to the game, therefore I have a bunch of questions.
Planning to get into the market and from some research already done, DEGIRO sounds like a solid option.

This is…If I were to operate with an account on my home country(EU). However, living in German due to tax declaration and so…I’m not so sure about it anymore.
This might be quite a stupid question but, I MUST create a degiro account in Germany since I do pay my taxes here, right? The whole website and app being available only in German, which I am still far to dominate, are also quite frustrating.

I am already aware of the 25%tax on capital gains (801€ free of tax). Would this be the only taxes applied? The tax on capital gains on my home country are slighty higher(28%).

Taking into account that the NYSE market is the most appealing to me, what else should I take into account?

Any other suggestion or alternatives to DEGIRO, specialy due to the fact of being on German ground?


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