Financial planning for having children

Thanks to anyone who take the time to read this and or provide feedback

I’m in a serious relationship and my partner is very interested in being a stay at home parent, especially for the first couple years until our theoretical child would go to school.

We’ve talked throughly about the money required to be able to support her and a child and it’s kind of bleak on my income alone. It would be enough for the two of us (but barely based on our current lifestyles) but not for a child as well.

Her solution is, once we’re married, to save her income for a couple years until we have the child, then pull from that additional savings for a couple years until she’s ready to go back to work. As a note: this additional savings would be separate from the normal 3-6 months expenses for emergencies.

This idea (an income deficit on a monthly basis for 2-4 years) makes me very uncomfortable. I’m curious what other people’s feedback would be for me/us.


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