Followed the Personal Income Spending flowchart, what do I do next? : personalfinance

I’ve been trying my best to invest my money but I’m just not that interested. I don’t really have any goals other than be comfortable. I’m 24, make an engineer salary in a VHCOL city, rent, and don’t own a car. I feel like I’m still not really “investing” since its just retirement savings. I followed the flowchart everyone recommends:

  • I’ve maxed out my 401k contributions (target date fund)
  • I’ve maxed out my backdoor Roth IRA (target date fund)
  • I maxed out my ESPP
  • I’m still on my parent’s insurance so not putting money in an HSA yet
  • I have 6 months of emergency savings
  • I have enough in savings to pay off my student loans but keeping it in HYSA till loans are actually due

I don’t really have any financial goals but I feel like I have enough being put towards retirement. Do I put more money in a target date fund? Should I start saving for a house? If so, where do I start saving for that? Do I start investing in a 3 part porfolio with the rest of my money?

I feel like my understanding of finances is really incomplete. I know the basics about investing for retirement but how do I start investing for a house or in stocks?

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