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Hey, fellow europeans and germans!

I’ll need an recommendation for an software (preferably an app, because I got no computer atm) to observe and track my credit score, obviously for germany.

The issue with “Schufa” is that usually every citizen can get one free look into their credit rating per year, and I never took one, however Schufa doesn’t allow me for some reason to use my freebie since 2019.

Bonify on the other hand is decent, but the app apparently has never made it into it’s final stages because I can’t do anything it promises. Can’t connect banks, credit details or my CC.

It’s really frustrating, because I’d like to be able to see my credit score and improve it actively, rather than randomly by wildly guessing if there is possibly a debtor with pressed claims.

I see a lot of good apps for america and the UK, however their service isn’t always supported by german feds which renders them basically useless to me.

Thanks in advance!

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