Here is a grid I made to order all the weeks of meal deliveries that were under $6.50/per : personalfinance

[The grid.](

I know not everyone is a fan of meal delivery companies and if you’re not, that’s fine, but those who are may find this helpful.

Most these companies run ads with “$100 off” or “$90 off” then break those discounts down over the first 4 or 5 weeks. So, I did some Googling for the various offers and put them in this spreadsheet to figure out all the intro discounts for myself. We’re only doing the weeks where the meals end up under $6.50 per ( blue on the grid ). The average, if you exclude the Blue Aprons we’ve already done, is actually more like $5 per person per meal.

I know, I know. They’re not economical. They generate trash ( most are actually fully recyclable with a smidge of effort ), etc, etc. but we like them. Life is a bit of a chore lately and we have barely left our house in soon to be a year and we’re not close to getting our vaccines so these are some small joy in a rather shitty slog until we can once more go to other places that aren’t our homes and eat there.

I didn’t do the math on all of them. The middle section are the smoothie/juice boxes ( I got a big box of Daily Harvest for Christmas and its heaven ) and the bottom section are specialty like vegan / ultra clean / kids / etc. so look them up if you’re into those. I find the more specialized ones have less discount codes.

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