I don’t know what to do with my money : eupersonalfinance

Alrighty Boys and Girls,

here’s the situation:

  • I finished school and started working mid-2019, and since then have been mostly saving and investing what I earn
  • I currently make 2500€ monthly (net), of which my regular expenses come in at just around 1000€
  • I have right now over 14K in ETFs with Degiro (World, Emerging Markets, Small Caps – 80/20/20), I’ve been investing around 500€ per month.
  • I have 10K in a savings account (For emergencies or large purchases), It has been at that amount for a few months.
  • I have currently around 5000€ in my checking account (That keeps growing, as I only invest a fraction of my monthly surplus)
  • I have one large purchase (~2000€) coming up, but besides that I don’t plan or expect to have to buy anything besides food and clothes in the near future.

I’m unsure about how I should proceed. I could probably double my monthly investment in the ETFs and still have a few hundred € to spare.

I don’t know what I’m saving for. I’m just saving and hope that one day I will realize what I want to do with the money.

Basically, my question is what would you do? Simply increase the montly ETF-investment? Diversify more with other investments? Put more into the savings account? Just let it sit in the checkings account? Play around with some of the money and buy some STONKS? Increase my standard of living, like buy nicer clothes and more expensive food? Buy some things I don’t need but that are “nice to have” or “fun”? Buy some crypto?

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