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Hi All,

I was hoping to ask you 3 questions and any additional information you may have 🙂

I bought a house 2 years ago and made use of the rent a room scheme while adding an extension. Most of the work was carried out by myself and family so cost was low.

I was able to sell the house and save a chunk of capital as it is my primary residential.

I’m looking into investing it possibly into another property or possible a few.

My question is: 1) – If multiple properties is it best to create a limited company and acquire properties through the company (I know there can be costly fees in the future to transfer)

2) – If multiple properties is it best to take out a Fixed or Variable mortgage

3) – Has anyone had any bad experiences with variable mortgages

My end goal is either to rent for a few years, work on properties and sell or build up a portfolio.

Happy new year everyone ! 🙂

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