Jumpstart a consulting side hustle with this one-hour workshop

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In this age of entrepreneurship, people have found success in promoting their skills and background for consulting services. It’s a side-hustle that can easily become a full-time gig with the right guidance.

In fact, if you’ve ever wondered how much you could earn hourly as a consultant, you can do so with this handy calculation provided by foundr.com.

First, determine what salary you’d like to make. Take that number and divide it by 52 (number of working weeks), then again by 40 (number of hours in each week). Then, take that number and mark it up by 25 to 50 per cent.

If you’re happy with that figure, then you ought to consider diving into The How to Launch a Consulting Business workshop, which uses the foundations you may have already built to start a profitable consulting gig today.

In one hour, this course can leverage your prior experience with new approaches to pitching and proposals to gain new clients. Led by marketing expert Terry Rice, the Digital Marketing Expert-in-Residence at Entrepreneur, this intimate instructional course is only $19.

In a recent article, Rice writes about the benefit of starting a consulting business during this time where more people are working online due to social distancing. His biggest pro tip: offer clients remote services.

“Be sure to stress the benefit of doing something as opposed to waiting for weeks, possibly months, for in-person meetings to occur,” Rice writes. “This may not be the ideal situation for many clients, but it’s not something we can avoid either.”

Learn the business secrets from the same person who had consulting roles at Adobe and Facebook. For only $19, you can learn how to jump-start the consulting business you’ve been dreaming of.

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