Last Reading List for 2020

Just For Fun

  • Do you have a Robinhood account? Did you get a 2020 activity recap like you did from Spotify? (NYT)


Pandemic Stories 

  • Here is an example of how a community comes together to help a family farm restructure for survival. (NYT)
  • Can colleges reward (pay) college students for following the rules to keep Covid-19 under control back on campus? (NYT)


Here are a few articles putting 2020 in perspective:

  • This one is a repeat: the NYT sums up the state of the US economy in 20 charts.
  • Here is a link to the latest (end of November) TransUnion Wave survey of financial hardship. It is full of lots of data and graphs from the consumer perspective.
  • These two articles listed in Wednesday’s Ritholtz’s Reads sum up the upheaval in retail businesses in 2020: (Bloomberg) and (Recode/Vox)
  • Adam Grossman writing for the Humble Dollar pulls together five lessons learned about investing in 2020.
  • This Planet Money end of year podcast (“The Rest of the Year 2020”) includes a recap of the actions taken by the Fed (and Congress re: the Fed) this year. Other topics covered are vaccines, mixed martial arts, and escheaters. (Here is the January episode Escheat Show in case your interest was piqued like mine was.)



  • The New York Times will be free to high school students and teachers through September 2021, sign up here!.


I wish you all a very happy, healthy 2021!!

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