Ledger’s Partner Shopify Has Just Got Its Data Breached: Report

Ledger’s partner Shopify, the e-commerce giant has just reported that the platform has a data breach after recently Ledger announced to have its data breached as well where thousands of personal information were shared on a darknet website and some people even got threats. In our latest cryptocurrency news, we find out more about it.

BTC wallet maker Ledger put a spotlight on personal financial security right after the data center of the wallet were breached and thousands of customers’ data were exposed. Now the situation got much worse after an email to customers was distributed and informed them of another data security issue which involves Ledger’s partner, Shopify in what the company says is two “rogue employees.”

The higher the price of Bitcoin goes, the more attractive it becomes to hackers Source BTCUSD on TradingView.com

Among the first pieces of advice that these crypto investors receive is to not invest more than you can lose and also make sure that the private keys to any purchased BTC are owned and kept by the user alone. The safest way to do this with more benefits of keeping the assets offline and out of reach of hackers is to store crypto-assets like BTC or hardware wallets like Ledger and Tezos. Both companies were known for creating solid products and with the market growing further, the brand and its growing product lineup attracted thousands of customers which once they started purchasing they used their private information like home addresses, names, and phone numbers.

The security of digital assets goes even beyond the device that you store them on and requires strong personal operational security to make sure that the details are not put at risk or exposed to hackers. While BTC is stored offline and protected with a seed phrase, hackers have found ways to access addresses where crypto is stored along with phone numbers and other information which is why Ledger put their entire customer base at risk.

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Thousands of customer details were leaked online in2020 but Ledger is still facing many hurdles about leaked data. The wallet producer started emailing customers that they had their personal data stolen by rogue employees that work for Shopify. Businesses all over the web rely on Shopify to power the infrastructure where more than 200 merchants were impacted including Ledger.

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