MarcoPolo Protocol Airdrop Review – You Will get 50 MAP Tokens.

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About MarcoPolo Protocol Airdrop

MarcoPolo Protocol Airdrop is a brand new peer-to-peer digital coins machine infrastructure this is strategically invested via way of means of Softbank. It goals to acquire public chain TPS sharing and wise scheduling via a couple of public chains and allow the peer-to-peer coins machine to experience the limitless enlargement of TPS and most advantageous GAS rate a number of the complete blockchain network.

MarcoPolo Protocol is airdropping 50 MAP tokens to the airdrop participants. Complete easy social responsibilities and put up your info to the Telegram bot to get hold of the tokens. Also get five MAP for every referral as much as 30 MAP. The pinnacle 3 referrers may even percentage 2,000 MAP tokens.

First Step

Chat with this Telegram bot.

Second step

Join their Telegram group. (+20 MAP)

Third Step

Follow them on Twitter. (+10 MAP)

Fourth Step

Retweet this tweet. (+20 MAP)

Fifth Step

Submit your details to the bot.

Six Step

You will get 50 MAP tokens.

Seven Step

Also earn 5 MAP for each referral up to a maximum of 30 MAP tokens.

Eigth Step

The top three referrers will also share 2,000 MAP tokens.

Nine Step

For more information regarding the airdrop, see this Medium post.


This protocol will not occupy a lot of network resources and storage resources.


This protocol will ensure the security of interoperation, that is to say, the data obtained by any node must be consistent with that obtained by all nodes of the corresponding chain.


This protocol only regulates interoperable modules and does not add any other requirements, constraints, or restrictions to the ecological blockchain.

Application scenarios

DeFi and DEX are the two most important application scenarios of MAP Protocol. The essence of DeFi and DEX can be seen as inter-chain calculation and MAP Protocol provides a powerful chain interoperation function. Through the chain interoperation, different digital assets could be exchanged directly. In addition, MAP Protocol makes DeFi and DEX safer and more efficient.

MAP Protocol

MAP Protocol is an open, fully decentralized, chain-to-chain interoperation protocol that enables the interoperability of multiple independently verifiable consensus blockchains without a relay chain. MAP Protocol expects to construct a future inter-chain-net, which is interoperable and chain-to-chain based. The ecosystem built on MAP Protocol can provide a solid infrastructure for DeFi, DEX, AI, IoT, traceability, and governance filed by cross-chain communication, privacy computation, shared storage, etc.

Completely Decentralized Chain

MAP protocol is an open and completely decentralized chain-to-chain interoperation protocol that enables the interoperability of multiple independently verifiable consensus blockchains without a relay chain. MAP protocol expects to construct a peer-to-peer future internet with a huge amount of flexible interoperabilities through chain-to-chain TPS, privacy computing, storage,
security, and other resources. Resources and capabilities of each chain will be integrated into an inter-chain and form a unified blockchain infrastructure for all blockchain application developers. This underlying infrastructure can be used for finance, AI, IoT, traceability, and governance.

MAP Protocol Sub Modules

MAP protocol includes two core sub-module:
(1) Ultra Light Verification Protocol(ULVP): ULVP is a sub-linear verification protocol for POX based blockchain.
(2) Smart Script System With Combinable Trigger Conditions: Smart script system with combinable trigger conditions is the transaction execution module dealing with mixed trigger conditions.

MAP Blockchains

We will develop a set of public chains that meet the MAP protocol, including MAP Standard Chain and MAP electronic cash payment protocol. The MAP Standard Chain is to provide an anchor point for various types of blockchain and cross-chains in the early stage of the ecosystem, but this anchoring is not mandatory, and any public chain can provide security with the MAP Standard Chain together in MAP’s ecosystem.

The MAP electronic cash payment protocol is a high-performance blockchain equipped with SMART intelligent scripting system. It uses the DPOS consensus mechanism and can interoperate with the MAP Standard Chain. The goal is to provide electronic cash payment services based on blockchain technology service.

Why MAP Protocol?

Ultra-light Verification Protocol(ULVP)

Provides the ability of one chain to validate the state of another chain underlow bandwidth and low storage.

MAP Feeder

Provides the ability of one chain to change the state of another chain withsuitable authority.

Block Transport Channel

A block transportation channel based on IBLT which can compress the block size when relaying blocks.

Map Application Tool Environment(MATE)

A development framework which can help developers to construct their owninteroperable blockchains.

Standardized P2P Stack

A protocol under which the peer under different blockchain systems can discover and transmit stream with each other.

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