MATH MONDAY: Return on Investment [Investing | Order of Operations]

Return on Investment (ROI) is a percentage that tells you the relationship between how much you spent on an investment and how much you get back from that investment. Calculating these percentages is helpful in seeing whether or not your investment is worth it! In this activity, students will practice calculating ROIs on investment options by practicing order of operations and interpreting percentages.

  1. View the MATH Collection: In today’s math activity, students will learn calculate ROI! Check it out in MATH: Return on Investment
  2. Example: Students can use this step-by-step example to practice their practice problems.

3. Bring in Real World Application: Have your students learn more about what a good return on investment looks like for different options by completing this EdPuzzle video of Two Cents’ What’s a Good Return on Investment?

4. For Your Learning: Join Abby for Virtual PD on Wednesday 2pm PT as she reviews Math Collection Skills: Order of Operations (Intermediate).


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