Moving asset from a foreign exchange to European exchange? [DEGIRO] : eupersonalfinance

I’m not sure if this makes any sense. Please hear me out and thanks in advance!

So, a few years back, when I was new on investing, I wanted to invest on Xiaomi right after IPO. It was back then only available in Hong Kong stock exchange. And oh, the price dropped like crazy. It should have been the time to invest some more, but I didn’t. I even stopped looking at it after some point.

Now it goes back up and finally I want to add some more to my portfolio, and realised that in Degiro it’s also listed in European exchanges like Frankfurt, where the trading price will be in EUR and not HKD.

So I wonder what would make most sense at this point? I’m considering:
1. Move the initial investment to one of the European exchange. I don’t even know if that’s possible or not.
2. Leave the initial investment as it is (to avoid dealing with tax for now), and just buy the new bits in European exchange.
3. Just keep adding money to the same pool, in the Hong Kong stock exchange.

I wonder what would be the most sensible option, considering minimising loss. Or is there anything I overlooked? Thanks!

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