My 2020 Federal return was rejected because my AGI # and/or ID didn’t match my 2019 return. Will I be penalized if I have filed it but now need to fix it after the deadline? : personalfinance

If this isn’t the right sub for this question, I apologize.

I filed my 2020 taxes with H&R Block, normally I use TT, but they wanted to charge more than I even had to pay for federal. Anywho- I got to the 2019 AGI part, and I read that if you don’t recall your exact figure, for 2020 only they were allowing a $0 in place. Then I had to enter a 5 digit passcode. My email from HRB states that either my AGI# or passcode didn’t match so my return was rejected.

  1. Will I be penalized for the fix that will likely put me past the cut off (5/17)?
  2. I literally cannot recall having to enter a 5 digit passcode for any AGI, ever. Is this going to be a nightmare to get?

I graciously ask here because aside from making a physical appointment, I don’t know what else to do as it’s the 11th hour.


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