My house is worth a lot more than I owe. : personalfinance

Long story as short as I can make it. I owe about $288k on my house right now. According to zillow they estimate that my house is worth about $490k. My parents are not in the best health and part of me would like to move close enough so I could see them on a regular basis which would be an area fairly close to Newark NJ. I think that i could potentially rent my house out but it would also be nice to take the 200k equity and just buy a home outright. As is standard with most professions right now, I could probably work from home with good internet. Soooo, do you think that it would be worth it to sell a home in a market that appears to be trending up but I am kind of scared for the future or maybe sell it and take the equity and purchase something free and clear in a more remote area and hope than I can work from home. * I apologize for the long post*

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