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Not sure if this is right place to ask, but please redirect me if not. Also, standard mobile disclaimer.

So three years ago I moved from a rental house to a house I bought in the same neighborhood. I set up mail forwarding to my new address, renewed it for the first two years, and never had any problems.

A couple of weeks ago, my grandmother asked if I ever got the Christmas card she sent me. She said that the one she sent my wife had bounced back, but she hadn’t gotten mine back yet. We chatted through it and determined that she had mailed both cards to my old address by mistake. She said she was going to wait a few day for my card to be returned and then send both cards to the correct address in a single envelope.

Well, today my grandmother calls and says that the card she sent me never came back. In fact, her credit union shows that the check inside the card was cashed on 1/24. She says that her CU wasn’t able to say where the check was cashed or provide her with a copy of the endorsed check. This doesn’t sound right to me as her CU had to approve the transfer of funds to somewhere and it doesn’t sound like something they wouldn’t keep records of. My grandmother says it may be because the check was cashed by a 3rd party, but that 3rd party must have requested the funds be sent to a location to have received the funds, right?

Anyway, now I’m in a situation where I’m only doors away from the likely thieves and would like to ask them about it. But I’d like to know what options I have to do anything about this when these people tell me off.

Anyone have any experience with anything like this?

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