Nexfolio Crypto Trading Bot Platform Review: Automated Signal Trading

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About Nexfolio

Nexfolio Automatic crypto trading bots have been a blessing to the crypto traders. It solves the problems associated with longevity (trading hours), speed, and emotional influence that is common with human trading.

An AI-powered crypto trading bot that uses Artificial Intelligence and Automated Principles to make trading simpler. This bot aims at maximizing the profit and managing risks to minimize losses. NexFolio interlinks exchange accounts to perform automated lucrative trading deals.

The bots suggest the best crypto trading deals through automated signals. It has features such as editable stop-loss, candlestick patterns, and fixed sell that works to improve user experience. NexFolio Features include.

Nexfolio Key Points

Key Points
Bot Name Nexfolio
Bot Type Cryptocurrency Trading Bot
Average Price €80 (about $88) Per Month.
Exchange Supported Binance Bitfinex Bittrex Bitvavo Coinbase HitBTC Huobi Kraken KuCoin OKEx
Fund Safety All Your Coins Remain On The Exchange
Payment Accepted Credit & Debit Card
Cloud Based Yes
Social Support Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Telegram
Available Support Live Chat & Dedicated Help Page
Official Website Click Here To Visit


Silver Plan – €80 (about $88) Per Month.

Silver Plan – €480 (about $525) Every 6 Months.

Silver Plan – €960 (about $1050) Every Year.

Nexfolio offers a 3-day free trial.

Why choose NexFolio?

Our venture into the development of NexFolio stemmed from the idea of ensuring that our customers are covered in all aspects of crypto trading. We undertook an intuitive approach to offer the following to you.

AI Crypto Trading Bot With Automated Signals

Trade with the automated AI crypto trading bot built with a significant set of tools, algorithms, and indicators. Trading Strategies | Minimized Risks | Live Triggers‒ A unified platform for profitable trading!

Automated Signal Trading

The bot’s Automated Trading functionality makes trading a hustle free experience for users. Traders can set the Stop-Loss and Profit percentage and get some break off the screen. They can get a night of sleep and wake up with profits.

100% Easy To Use

NeexFolio has an easy-to-navigate website. The website has simple guidelines on how to sign up and start trading with NexFolio. Get starting only requires three steps: creating an account, choosing a plan, and linking your exchange API. Registration can take less than a minute.


NeexFolio is very clear in their security measures to protect their users. All users’ API keys are encrypted with advanced security protocols, and all users’ private keys are stored on segregated data storage that is also encrypted. In addition, the API keys that connect your Coinrule account to you exchange account do not allow for withdrawal rights, meaning even if the data was hacked, funds on the exchange cannot be withdrawn with that information.

Simple User Interface

Nexfolio offers a fresh and simple user interface. Crypto trading bots require timely monitoring and tweaking to boost profits. The goal is to provide a trading experience that is pleasant and easy for the users to handle.

Money and Risk Management

NexFolio offers Risk and money management strategy by limiting the minimum and maximum funds to be invested. Therefore, traders can buy and sell crypto assets with more profits.

Editable Stop-Loss

NexFolio trading functionality allows traders to modify their existing Fixed Profit and Stop-Loss percentages and allows them to set new strategies even when there is an active trade.

Technical Indicators

This bot is designed with unique Algorithm Indicators with more than 40 indicators. The indicators help the traders to analyze the Crypto Market Trends and moving averages. This feature helps traders to make more informed trade decisions.

Candlesticks Patterns

NexFolio designers embedded more than 90 Candlestick patterns for predicting the upcoming crypto market fluctuations. This top-notch functionality helps the traders to plan their future buy and sell decisions…

Support channels

NexFolio has an active social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Telegram. Users can interact with the support team on these pages to share their concerns and submit their queries. They can also reach customer support through email.

100% Support

NexFolio has a two-factor authentication, which is one of the top security gateways. Every time a user logs into NexFolio, they are required to enter an authentication code.

The bot has restricted access to your account through API keys which are provided by your exchanges. The bot can only trade with your money. It cannot withdraw or deposit funds to your account.

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