Origami Envelopes and Other Creative Ways to Give Money as a Gift

INSIDE: Origami is a fun project that lends itself well to homemade money gift-giving. Try these origami money gift ideas for a unique way to give money to the special people in your life.

Looking to get creative with your gift-giving this holiday season? Perhaps you want to give a unique homemade gift, or maybe you’re looking to personalize a present with an interesting gift tag or a special box. Check out how you can use origami to add a little extra flair to your holiday gift-giving this year. 

What is origami?

To get started, what is origami? 

Origami, also referred to as paper folding, is the art of folding paper into different two and three-dimensional objects. The word “origami” comes from the Japanese words oru, meaning “to fold,” and kami, which means “paper.” 

How do you start making origami?

If you’re interested in using the art of origami to add some interest to your holiday gift but you’re a total newbie, there are tons of simple resources that you can use online. With a quick Google, YouTube, or Pinterest search you will uncover hundreds of useful resources that will guide you step-by-step through the process of getting started.

Here’s one resource that I used as a starting point when I was researching all things origami. It starts by teaching some basic folding techniques and provides some simple diagrams as well as instructional videos. 

What supplies do you need to make origami? 

This answer varies depending on where you search and what they are trying to sell you! When it really comes down to it, all you need to make origami is paper. You can use any old piece of paper or you can invest in an origami paper book that holds square pages of nice crisp, thin pieces of origami paper. 

If you’re starting to get serious about creating some origami money gift ideas, you’re perfecting your folding technique, and you want to add some new tools to your collection, you can look into the following items:

  • Origami folding tools – these look like old fashioned letter openers and their purpose is to help you to create crisp, perfect golds on your paper.
  • Paper trimmer – this can be used to help you make nice straight cuts if you need to resize your paper.
  • Scissors – you can also use a good pair of scissors to resize your paper. 
  • Ruler – if you don’t go with a paper trimmer and you opt to use scissors, a ruler is a helpful tool to help ensure that your lines are straight.

Money origami for dollar bills

Okay, now that we’ve established what origami is and what you need to get started now we can get into the really fun stuff. Like making origami out of money. While the current American dollar bill design is not in the form of a perfect square, as origami paper books tend to be, you can still make some pretty impressive origami out of a crisp, rectangular dollar bill. What better way to give money for a gift?

Origami money gift ideas

Wondering what are the easiest origami designs to make with dollar bills?

If you’re just a beginner and you’re looking for a simple design to master with your dollar bill, you can try the origami heart, origami trees, or the origami bow tie – instructions for all can be found here. As I said before, you can find any resources you need online when it comes to dollar bill origami. Think of a design you want to create and then punch it into Google and voila, it shall appear! 

Want to make a beautiful origami flower out of money, check out this youtube video for a quick and easy tutorial. This video outlines everything you’ll need and even provides some tips specifically for beginners. 

What about an origami butterfly? Here’s a list of step-by-step instructions with pictures to help get you started. 

Origami gift ideas

Origami can be a unique and fun way to incorporate creativity into your holiday gift-giving traditions. You can use it when it comes to crafting things for Christmas, graduation presents or even for fun teacher gift ideas

Here are a few additional origami money gift ideas you can do with your newfound origami skills.

Make an origami gift card holder

If you want to forgo the standard card and envelope and go for something a little more creative and beautiful then consider making an origami gift cardholder. You can follow this super short video for instructions or these step-by-step written instructions

Make an origami gift tag

I remember that my mom (a.k.a. Santa) used to go out and buy cute little gift tags for all of our Christmas presents. Now you can use your origami skills to create your own adorable, personalized gift tags.

For step-by-step instructions on origami money gift ideas like this, check out this simple video. If you’re feeling a little more advanced and you have a compass circle on hand (I had to look up what this was), then you can tune into this video.  

Make an origami gift box 

If you’re feeling really confident with your origami skills then why not push it to the next level with an origami gift box. Sure a gift card holder or a gift tag shows that you have some origami know-how, but with an origami gift box friends and family will be so impressed they won’t even care about the actual gift! 

So, if you’re ready to take it to the next level check out this instructional video. I’ll forewarn you, this is not a video for beginners so, be ready! 

Why spend the time on origami gift ideas? 

For many, origami is a relaxing and beautiful art form that is super enjoyable. For others, an origami gift holder or gift box might seem like an incredible waste of time and effort. So, why spend the time on these origami gift ideas when you could just grab a card from the store? 

Origami money gift ideas are unique. Origami is a fun, beautiful, and unique way to give money as a gift or to personalize a gift tag or gift box. 

They are creative. If you like to be creative and you’re looking for a new challenge, look no further. No matter what your level, you can find an origami shape that you can master. It can be as simple, or as complex and intricate as you want to make it. 

Origami money gift ideas can save money. You can spend less on things like gift card holders or holiday gift tags when you can make them yourself. It’s fun and cost-efficient, win-win! For more ideas on how to do Christmas on a budget, click here.

–By Jessica Martel

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