Pay off debt, or continue to save.

TLDR: I'm due 100k in a bonus in stock. 30k sellable this year. get rid of 20k debt? or put back into savings? I understand people are of the Ramsey mindset of 3 months AT LEAST of expenses in savings. We do not have that after this year.

My Wife and I both work, and we depend on both incomes pretty much equally luckily we had enough in savings to cover her furlough and then long term disability basically 4-5 months income from her were gone this year(2020 was bad).

I have investments in a few stocks aside from 401k investments, and working where I do have a sellable amount of stock given to me this year(sign on bonus). I can completely get rid of debt aside from mortgage but have little to put back into savings. I can cover 3 months of expenses back into savings, but is it worth getting rid of the debt? or rather to hold on to the stock for future savings? Id rather not say details on what investments / bonus I have here.

Lets just say I have roughly 20k debt, and 30k sellable stock bonus, and 3k monthly expenses. Savings have been depleted in my mind, even though they arent technically.

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