Reading List for December 24-27

We will keep this week’s list short…a few economic updates and a few holiday articles. Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy holiday!!


Holiday News

  • I don’t know about you, but I know a few of my holiday packages have been “in transit” for weeks now! To say the U.S. Postal Service is having issues is an understatement. Take your pick here: (WSJ-subscription) (CNN) (Vox)
  • Christmas tree sales are up as people look for a little cheer this year. This article has some great examples of supply and demand linking this year to the 2008 Financial Crisis. (The New York Times)


Pandemic News

  • New Years’ Resolutions for 2021 will be heavy on financial goals as 2020 blew up so many people’s finances. (Study Finds)
  • Do you live in a state where commuters pay income tax in the state in which they work? How does the fact that they have been working from home impact that? Two states are suing their neighbors over this: (KMJ)
  • CDC puts teachers in next group for vaccines (but not all states are abiding by this). (CDC)(CNBC)


Economics: this week’s data


  • Existing home sales, after booming all summer, fall 2.5% in November. (AP News)
  • US consumer confidence turns down. (AP News)
  • Consumer confidence drop not surprising as last week’s unemployment benefits continued at unprecedented levels. (CNN)



  • Here is a pretty thorough review of state sponsored automatic IRA programs.(NYT)


Higher Education

  • The pandemic certainly hit this year’s incoming freshman class hard. But if early FAFSA numbers are any indication (they are down), 2021 is looking rough too. (NYT)
  • And here is a good one: Did you realize that the College Scoreboard data only includes Federal borrowing by students themselves? Parent Plus loans are not included, and parents are borrowing A LOT!!! (NYT)

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