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Hi there. My husband and I are both in school, he is working as an apprentice electrician and going for his journeyman. I have been doing my pre-reqs for nursing school and just applied! I will find out if I was accepted in February. We are going back to school at 29 and 30 to increase our earning potential after many years of restaurant and tourism work (and lots of traveling and fun too!)

We live in a very high cost of living town: Moab, Utah. The wages are not very competitive and the median home price is in the $400,000s. I feel very discouraged seeing prices like that…granted we are hoping to see our incomes increase as we move along but I feel like prices like that will lock us into the rat-race for eternity!! We have also been here for a few years and I feel like there is a whole wide world out there we can still see and I don’t want to get “trapped” here.

We are super active–we love biking, hiking, surfing, long boarding, snowboarding…basically anything outside and active we enjoy! We have really been missing the ocean, and would love to try and find a spot by the ocean in the future. If not by the ocean, we want quick and easy access to biking and hiking trails. We are bike commuters and ride our bikes to work, to the store, and to friends houses. We love to not have to drive a ton; I grew up in suburbia and do NOT miss that.

Something else that is important to us is diversity, specifically the Spanish language. My husband is an immigrant from South America and we don’t have a whole lot of diversity down here in Southern Utah. We would love to find an area where there is more Spanish spoken; I think it would help my husband a lot with his homesickness.

We still have a few years before we finish our degrees, but I need to find some hopefulness right now in thinking about future possibilities. Sometimes I just get too disheartened here about ever being able to buy a home. I would love any thoughts/suggestions/recommendations for cool places we could move to in the future!

TL;DR Outdoorsy active couple looking for a new place to move to. Ideal–by a good surf break with reasonable COL. If not by the ocean, by excellent biking and hiking trails. Bike commuting possible. More diversity and Spanish!

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