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I recently started to invest with a local brokerage.
( In my country if you invest with a local brokerage, you have the option of going 0% capital gains tax after 5 years if you don’t take out any money until the 5th year.)

This brokerage has 7 ETF with ~0.6€/trade (including daxex and sxr8) [this is the local market fee]
I can not trade USA ETFs and all the Xtra börse is available for 6.5€/trade(min or 0.15%)

I plan to put arouns 50-150€ montly towards portfolio building. (i am young more, than 30 years unril retirement, plan ro inxrease as the years go by)

Would it make sense to save up this money and buy once a year MSCI world ETF or shoudl i build daxex&sxr8 portfolio for less of a fee?

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