Roger Ver Gets Blasted Over Coronavirus Tweet

Roger Ver is known for his vocal and often unpopular opinions. But his latest rant on Twitter hasn’t won him any more supporters. He posted a chart of deaths by coronavirus from Jan 1 to March 25 comparing it to other common killers like seasonal flu and suicides. He was torn apart by his followers.

Roger Ver Takes a Beating Over COVID Views

Blatantly disregarding the thousands of people who have so far died from the coronavirus and the health workers fighting around the clock, he stated unequivocally:

If YOU are worried about the coronavirus, YOU should self isolate. Leave the rest of us alone.

His tweet commanded almost 3,000 replies, mostly from people ready to spit venom. After all, as many followers pointed out, it’s simply too soon to draw conclusions about just how big a problem COVID-19 is. Moreover, said one:

You don’t judge how to contain a problem with completely unrelated things. You cannot catch suicide just by breathing under normal conditions.

While many of the replies were respectful, he also received a barrage of fiery insults. And also some disturbing replies showing just how rapidly the coronavirus is peaking in New York State alone compared to seasonal flu:

Another still, posted an even more alarming chart of the spread of the virus by country. He asked Roger Ver which of the items on his list are spreading just as fast:

Our Loss of Civil Liberties

It may have been harsh, badly thought out, and selfish, but Roger Ver’s tweet does reflect what happens when you try to curtail civil liberties in free societies. Other prominent members of the Bitcoin community have pointed to how easily we have given up our basic human rights. Erik Voorhees has, on more than one occasion, averted to the danger of allowing governments to have too much control.

Yet, the world has changed for most of us practically overnight. We suddenly find ourselves in a new reality in which just stepping out of our doorsteps could mean life or death for someone else.

No one wants to be quarantined in their own home. However, most people now seem to understand that we’re dealing with a new enemy and armed with insufficient information.

The one and only thing right now that seems to be stemming the flow is keeping people in their homes. And most of us are temporarily giving up our ability to go outside as a mark of solidarity. So as not to overwhelm our healthcare systems or cause unnecessary deaths. It seems that Roger Ver, on the other hand, is not.

Do you think Roger Ver’s comments were justified? Add your thoughts below!

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