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Hi there,

I moved to the Netherlands (from the UK). I have €10k sitting in my savings account which is doing nothing and want it to start earning a bit for me. I expect to add in €200-300 a month.

Would you suggest going with a roboinvestor like ETFmatic/Binck Forward or starting to build my own portfolio through Degiro. From what I understand, roboinvestors charge higher fees and do not necessarily bring the results – are there any particular ones people would recommend?

– ETFmatic say they are the most downloaded robo app – but have only 7 reviews on the apple app platform.

– Binck Forward seems expensive – 0.8%

If I go through Degiro – are there any specific ETFs I should start with? VWRL, IWDA etc?

With the Netherlands – do we know whether it is better to go for accumulating or distributing ETFs for tax purposes there?

Any other tips would be super welcome!

Many thanks

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