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Hello all

My mom cosigned a private student loan 6 years ago that I’ve been paying since. She filed for bankruptcy and I was locked out of the account and unable to pay it for three months. I received no communication from the loaner but was sent to collections and my credit score has been hit really hard by the late payments (which is now paid in full.)

I’ve disputed it with the loaner several weeks ago and called and two weeks ago they said they had requested to withdraw the claim. When I called again today they said they had sent me a request for additional time (until the 24th), but checking my score on Experian now there’s a note that the dispute was resolved, consumer disagrees.

Am I just out of luck here? I’ve been working on building up my credit to buy a house and this is kind of devastating because it’s someone else’s bankruptcy, I was unable to access any account information, and I received no notices or information prior to being sent to collections. Any advice on what I can do now?

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