SureCrypto Annouces The Release Of Its Surewallet

NEW YORK, Jan. 11, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — SureCrypto announces the release of its SureWallet. SureCrypto was designed to become the first Decentralized Finance Investment token. Built as a community governed token to solve various financial issues and perform core finance functions.

The goal of the project which its token is built on the Tron Blockchain is centered on providing asset management platforms through a fully operational Multi-Blockchain wallet and high earning platforms using mechanisms such as Staking, Investment banking, decentralized Loan System, pool earning platforms among others.

Founded by a team of strong experts in the Blockchain industry, the CEO, Victor Kaycee believes that though there’s been a trend of projects going De-Fi, there’s still a lot of untapped opportunities for the Project.

One important aspect of the project that seems to be getting a lot of attention is the Sure Staking system. Like other DeFi projects, this feature enables users to stake certainly allowed currencies and earn sure or vice versa.

Secondly, the SureWallet ( ), which is a well functional wallet built with very high security, efficiency, and accountability to help sure users Store, swap, receive, and manage digital assets. The SureWallet is currently available for the web, The Mobile App version is in the works. The wallet is currently being tested by over 100 beta users.

Another aspect of SureCrypto that is quite outstanding is the Community reward system. The Head of Marketing for SureCrypto, Glory Lucas, explains this as a system that is built to reward the SURE DAO and the SureCrypto community at large, for their loyalty and commitment to the project.

Lastly, a feature that the CEO, Victor Kaycee is passionate about is the Sure Bank. Sure Bank is specifically built for SURE token holders, it is our investment banking platform set up to reward SURE bankers with a specific percentage of interest on stored tokens and passive rewards also.

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