This Ontario couple needs to get their debt under control to enjoy a carefree retirement 

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In Ontario, a couple we’ll call Hank, 55, and Judy, 56, have built their lives with a lot of assets — and a lot of debt. They take home $11,463 per month from their jobs, his with a transportation company, hers with a petrochemical firm. They’ve lived in Canada for 20 years, raised two children to their mid-20s. Now they want to plot their retirement in 10 years.

Their problem is the debt. They must slash it if they want afford to move to someplace warm year-round for their retirement.

They have loans of $789,200 including a home mortgage of $452,000, a mortgage on a rental unit for $225,000, $12,000 for RRSP loans, an unsecured $35,000 line of credit, and $48,200 for car loans. Their $1,955,000 of assets less $789,200 liabilities leaves them with net worth of $1,165,800.

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Family Finance asked Derek Moran, head of Smarter Financial Planning Ltd. in Kelowna, B.C., to work with Hank and Judy. His plan — make their portfolio more tax efficient, cut risk and redirect savings to get to a goal of $80,000 in after-tax retirement income (or between $100,000 and $110,000 before taxes).

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