Top Bitcoin Memes of All Time in 2021

Memeing is a completely ordinary thing even in such a serious sphere as cryptocurrency. There are so many memes about bitcoins, altcoins and crypto theme that almost the biggest part of them is sooo dumpy. Reddit and Twitter are flooded with tons of memes. Here, on Changelly, we would like to share the best and funniest memes of 2020 so far. So get ready to see top 10 cryptocurrency memes.

1. Bitcoin VS Covid-19

Some experts strongly believe that the Сoronavirus pandemic affected the sharp collapse of Bitcoin. Because of the mass panic and empty store counters there are also a number of funny memes:

Coronavirus meme
BTC Covid19 meme
BTC Covid19 meme

2. Trading Is a Tough Thing

Currently, the Bitcoin price has dramatically changed. Bitcoin has undergone a major collapse in value – March 12-13, 2020, its exchange rate fell under $5000. This happened for the first time since April 2019, when bitcoin began to rise sharply. According to Coinmarketcap in just a couple of hours Bitcoin dumped to $4,121 and in honor of it there are lots of BTC memes like: 

Even Donald Trump couldn’t help but make a joke:

Trump about BTC fall

3. Trading today

Trading meme

4. HODLers

There are a lot of hodlers in 2020, who believe that sometime later the crypto prices will increase dramatically.

Hodl meme

5. I Wanna YOLO But I Gotta HODL

Another hilarious video meme about HODLing Bitcoin today:

6. Justin Sun Phenomenon

Justin Sun is a founder of Tron, who always tries to be everywhere. Oh, yeah, and always making announcements. He even announces that he will make an announcement soon. And now: partnership with greek deities.

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justin sun partnership

7. Monero Privacy

There is classic. As we know, Monero network is all about privacy. The system encrypts all the info about transactions. So, here is Conspiracy Keanu tell us a secret about Monero. 

monero meme

8. Cryptocurrency Restrictions

Governments still try to ban the cryptocurrencies. Let’s remember the story with Libra, which caused a huge public outcry in 2020. It already has restrictions in France, USA, Switzerland. China is advised to adopt Western experience and create a similar cryptocurrency. However, it’s all just in words. Here is the truth.

government meme

9. Greta Thunberg and Altcoins

Everyone saw the speech of sixteen years old Greta Thunberg, a Swedish environmental activist and  TIME’s person of 2019. On 23 September 2019, Thunberg addressed world leaders, blaming them for disaster all over the planet. Her words ‘How dare you!’ and facial expression became a meme in a day. Sad investors who are waiting for the season of altcoins and understand that it does not come, apparently, pronounce the same thing. 

Greta Thunberg crypto

10. Investing in Crypto Be Like

Investing in cryptocurrencies is still an extraordinary thing for common people. Not only for them but for market regulators all over the world. When nobody understands why you put your money in crypto:

investing in crypto

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