What am I supposed to do if I *think* that an ATM ate my money but I didn’t actually count the money beforehand? : personalfinance

I had about 4000 dollars that I needed to deposit an hour or so ago in 20s and 100s. It only allows 50 notes at once, so I put about about 20-30 notes in, but it didn’t accept any of them and only gave me back like 10 notes. I thought it was going to count the ones it took in, but it didn’t. It was as if they just disappeared. But at the same time, I was tired so I might have just completely mis-estimated how many notes I actually put in. When I finished putting everything in, it added a total of about 3600 in my account. I was supposed to have 4k but again I didn’t count right before so it may have been a mistake on my part.

Is it okay to call the bank the day-after-tomorrow and ask them to double check that the cash went in normally or should I not bother because I’m not 100 percent sure about the amount that was lost and because I’m not even sure if it was lost by the atm in the first place?

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