What Is The Graph? (FTT) Complete Guide & Review About The Graph

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What Is The Graph

The Graph is an indexing protocol for querying facts for networks like Ethereum and IPFS, powering many packages in both DeFi and the wider Web3 ecosystem. Anyone can construct and submit open APIs, known as subgraphs, that packages can question the use of GraphQL to retrieve blockchain facts. There is a hosted carrier in manufacturing that makes it clean for builders to get commenced constructing on The Graph and the decentralized community can be launching later this year. The Graph presently helps indexing facts from Ethereum, IPFS and POA, with greater networks coming soon.

To date, over 3,000 subgraphs were deployed via way of means of heaps of builders, for DApps like Uniswap, Synthetix, Aragon, AAVE, Gnosis, Balancer, Livepeer, DAOstack, Decentraland and lots of others. The Graph utilization has been developing at over 50% MoM and hit over 7 billion queries at some point of the month of September 2020.

The Graph has a international network, along with over two hundred Indexer Nodes withinside the testnet and greater than 2,000 Curators withinside the Curator Program as of October 2020. To fund community development, The Graph raised finances from network members, strategic VCs and influential people withinside the blockchain network along with Coinbase Ventures, DCG, Framework, ParaFi Capital, CoinFund, DTC, Multicoin, Reciprocal Ventures, SPC, Tally Capital and others. The Graph Foundation additionally efficiently finished a public GRT Sale with participation from ninety nine countries (now no longer along with the U.S.). To date as of November 2020, The Graph has raised ~$25M.

The Graph Key Points

Making Data

The Graph Cryptocurrency is an indexing protocol for querying networks like Ethereum and IPFS. Anyone can build and publish open APIs, called subgraphs, making data easily accessible. A marketplace of service providers ensures that data remains open and that dApps continue to run no matter what.

ERC20 Token

GRT will be an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain, used to allocate resources in the network. Active Indexers, Curators and Delegators can earn income from the network proportional to the amount of work they perform and their GRT stake. Indexers earn indexing rewards (new issuance) and query fees, while Curators earn a portion of query fees for the subgraphs they signal on. Delegators earn a portion of income earned by the Indexer they delegate to.

A Global GraphQL API

Subgraphs can be composed into a global graph of all the world’s public information. This data can be transformed, organized, and shared across applications for anyone to query with just a few keystrokes.

Say goodbye to custom servers

Before The Graph, teams had to develop and operate proprietary indexing servers. This required significant engineering and hardware resources and broke the important security properties required for decentralization.

Web3 is a new stack for a radically better internet

All data is stored and processed on open networks with verifiable integrity. The Graph makes querying this data fast, reliable, and secure.

So much is getting built

Entrepeneurs are creating next level apps to scale human coordination on the internet. It’s a new frontier and we’re just getting started.

On a shared neutral foundation

By combining Web3 protocols, developers can build dApps with powerful new features for solving the world’s greatest challenges.


The Graph Cryptocurrency Own your identity, data, and reputation.


Guaranteed to run forever on reliable public infrastructure.


Seamlessly switch between dApps.


Programmable money and financial contracts.


Thegraph.com Safe, secure, and private.


Transparent rules that people have a voice in.

The graph Network

The Graph Cryptocurrency marketplace of service providers ensures that data remains open and that dApps continue to run no matter what.


Node operators that compete to provide the best service at the lowest price.


Individuals who organize data and signal which subgraphs are useful and accurate.


Individuals who delegate stake to Indexers to contribute to securing the network without running a Graph Node themselves.

How Is The Graph Network Secured?

The Graph has built an open data layer on top of blockchains: Indexers can run their own Ethereum archive nodes to run Graph Node, or they can use node operators like Infura or Alchemy.

Any analytics company can build an application to query subgraph data that’s indexed by The Graph. Subgraphs are open APIs to be able to pull data from the blockchain in the most seamless and efficient way.

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