What’s the new AutoFx cost in DeGiro that started appearing in 2021? : eupersonalfinance

Noticed that there is a additional cost called AutoFx in addition to transaction cost in DeGiro from 2021. I checked the transactions of US stocks from 2020 and it only had transaction cost and no AutoFx cost. AutoFx cost doesn’t show up in the app when I check the transaction but it is there in the email receipt for each transactions.

I know it’s for automatic currency conversation.

  1. Is this a new hidden cost introduced from 2021 which didn’t exist in 2020?
  2. Whats the best way to reduce this currency conversion cost given that I mostly buy US listed stocks? Turn off AutoFx and just have manual Fx?

PS: I use DeGiro Netherlands and only do buy and hold (not trading) mostly.

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