World First Stable-Coin 100% Asset Backed By

Token Basic Information

First Wine & Vineyard Backed STO Token

VCM is fully operational and regulated fine French wine and vineyard investment funds with assets under management of €32M. VCM has three years established track record with their find French wine sales and vineyard ownership and management. VINX COIN are directly performance backed by the VCM award winning investment funds.

Volatility and Closed Markets

VINX COIN offers solutions to several major international problems for investors and fine wine industry.

Financial Volatility

VINX COIN helps remove financial volatility form traditional crypto currencies.

Micro Invest for All

Opening the doors to fine wine and vineyard investments world wild to all investors big and small.

Logistics / Security

VINX COIN will grow to offer block chain technology to wine logistics and counterfeit security

VINX COIN Approach

What are you developing?

VINX COIN STO asset backed token Block chain logistics and security tied to VINX VCM – VINX COIN equity funds are designed to preserve and grow our clients capital, provide financial security for retirees, sovereign wealth funds, other institutional and individual investors, and contribute to overall international economic growth. VCM is the world’s leading crowd investing platforms for wine funds as an alternative investment. We seek to create positive economic impact and long-term value for our investors. We build and manage premium wine funds to help our clients reach €300 Billion Wine Sales their financial goals.

Growth Strategy

VINX will approach driving demand and distribution of VINX on a global scale from several angles.

How to drive demand and increase equity?

One way VINX will drive demand is with the quarterly dividend plan that offers at least 5% each quarter to holders of VINX. To inject equity and drive scarcity VINX will hold a guaranteed buyback Spring 2021 of at least $5 each coin during the buyback.

VINX COIN investments will be used for-

Investors funds will be used in several areas for VINX and VCM to grow our brands and market segment. Funds will be used for development of the the VINX token for a logistic and wine security solution with blockchain. Investments will also be used to purchase more assets for VCM in the form of fine French wines and further development of our vineyards. VINX COIN will also a lot investment funds to development of new projects that promote sustainability and global development.

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